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New language page is available!

March 9, 2018

In order to enrich the user experience, we are continually trying to come up with new features. Recently we have been working on the language page and we are glad to announce that the first step has already been taken.

Now our users can learn where the languages in Forvo are spoken or if they are regulated by any organism, among other pieces of informations that will help users know more about a particular language. As we have more than 355, it will take some time in order to complete the information for every language.

In any case, the most important improvement comes with the searching box. If you access the language page, you will find a searching box which will find words only in that languages. So, for example, if you search the word "car" in the English language page, only the results in this language will be dispayed. This was one of the proposals we got from our users and, finally, we could satisfy their demands.

Hope you like the new format!